Questions and Answers related to Creed 📃✍️

〔 Questions and Answers related to Creed 〕📃✍️
By Sheikh: Hafiz bin Ahmed Al Hakami
The document consists of 20 substantial questions relating to the correct Creed
(❶) ?What is the first basic obligation an ‘Abd’ (a slave) carry out
(❷) ?What is “the purpose” for which Allah created mankind
(❸) ?What does ‘Abd’ (a slave) mean
(❹) ?What is ‘Ibadah’ (Worship)
(❺) ?When can an act be deemed ‘Ibadah’ (worship)
(❻) ?What is the sign that shows that the ‘Abd’ (slave) loves Allah
(❼) How can ‘Ibad’ (slaves) know what pleases Allah and is acceptable to
(❽) ?How many conditions for ‘Ibadah’ (worship) to be acceptable
(❾) ?What is the ‘Shari’ah (the Islamic Law) that Allah commanded to be the only way for Judgment
(❿) ?How many are the ‘Maratib’ (ranks) of the religion of Islam
(⓫) ?What is the meaning of Islam
(⓬) ?What is the meaning of the declaration that ‘There is no other god but Allah
(⓭) ?What is the meaning of ‘Shahadah’ (Declaration) that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah
(⓮) ?What is ‘Iman’ (Faith)
(⓯) ?What is our duty to hold on, as a right to the Holy Qur’an and the duty of the Muslim ‘Ummah’ (world-wide Muslim community)
(⓰) What is the meaning of
adhering to the Book and
?fulfilling its duty
(⓱) ?What is ‘Ihsan’ (Doing Good) in worship
(⓲)?Who is the best of the Companions in general
(⓳) ?What is the duty towards the leaders
(⓴) Who is the band alluded to in the Hadeeth “A band of my people will remain steadfast to the truth. They will not be harmed by those who oppose them, till the command of Allah comes to pass”?

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