📖🧮【 Teach Your Child 】

*📖🧮【 Teach Your Child

  ✒️ From benefits taken from the Fatāwā of al-‘Allāmah
Abdul-‘Azīz ibn Bāz
-may Allāh have mery upon him-



☁️🌳 (❶) Meaning of the two testimonies

☀️🌿 (❷) Three categories of tawhīd

🌼🍃 (❸) Where is Allāh?

🌻🌳 (❹) Seeing Allāh -The Exalted- on the day of judgement

📖🍃 (❺) Qur’ān is the word of Allāh


Followed by activities for children 💫📝


 :PlayList 📽



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